I am so excited to share my new website at hostbaby. I feel like this is the perfect fit for me. I am learning and very excited about producing more C.D.s at CDbaby. I woke up ten years ago with song lyrics dancing inside my head. Actually it was a complete song. It was four in the morning. For some reason I got myself out of bed and wrote the whole thing down. I will be sure to tell everyone when I produce that song. Anyway being a busy mom I feel like I have more time to devote to my little gift that arrived in the middle of the night. You see my youngest son is a Junior in high school. I have loved being a mom. In fact I did not want a career. I was a hairstylist three days a week because the hours were flexible. I did not have to miss one single game, dance competition or play. I feel blessed! With my oldest son soon to turn 30 I have realized they don't need mom like they use to. So now is the time for me to explore my songwriting and singing. I have a lot to learn but I can't wait. So stay tuned:)