Yep I was 59 when I made my first trip to New York. Wow what a city. I said to Philip I knew that I would like it. How could you not like New York. I could feel the positive energy. So many dreamers. I saw Ellis Island where my grandfather migrated from Norway. Amazing ! All I have to say is thank you Grandpa John for being such an adventure seeker. Without you none of us would be here. That is a lot of people because you and grandma had nine kids. Thank you. I scheduled a voice lesson with Irina Fields. She owns beautiful voice studio in New York. After reading Tony Bennetts book I am determined to master Bel Conto. It just makes so much sense. My first lesson went well and we plan to SKYPE from Oregon.

Hello Stuart

Thank you so much for returning my email. I didn’t even expect to hear from you ! If you think of any other managers that might be interested in me please pass my info along. That would be amazing !!!


Hello Stuart

I’m making this short because nobody likes an email that goes on and on. I’m old and cute and bursting with talent. I need a manager that wants to be wealthy! I have amazing energy. Betty White ?Susan Boyle

This is a copy of the letter that I handed to to Scott Borchetta at the front door of their company which was kind of hard to find because it was in a little house.The door was locked and I kept trying to open it when this handsome man with a baseball cap asked if he could help me. I has it all addressed but not sealed with a copy of my Children's book inside. He asked me if it was a C.D. I said no a letter and a book.So much fun. Philip also dropped me off at Paradigm Talent. The office was stunning had an amazing view of the Cumberland river. The receptionist was so nice. I handed my letter and book to her. Paradigm also handles authors.She asked who this was for. I said who should it be for smile smile. She laughed. I have read that it is important to be nice to everyone. Especially receptionist. I told her I was " BURSTING WITH TALENT " she laughed and I also said that I loved Nashville which I really did. I said I would love to live there. She said she loves living there. Such a fun trip !!!


April 24th, 2018
Scott Borchetta
Big Machine Records
1219 16th Ave S,
Nashville, TN 37212

Dear Scott

I could make a lot of people a lot of money. Isn’t that why everyone is in the businesses that they are in? I am not just another little girl with big dreams and a guitar. I am actually a grown woman whose youngest son is twenty one.

I do believe in dreams! So much that I loaned a singer/songwriter 5000 dollars to make his first C.D. I am never naming names in this story as I am very grateful to have done this. It seemed crazy at the time being a single mom of four Kids. When I realized I probably was never going to be a part of his plans and I was probably never going to get the money back I started to pray. My prayer was please please please God could you make this story have a happy ending? I did not want to be the silly google eyed girl that fell for the guy with a guitar. Anyway about a month later May 25th 2003 I woke up with a complete song in my head. It was 4:00 a.m. but I got up and wrote it down. It’s called “What are you Crazy “.

The song lyrics just pour out of me. I am indeed blessed. I feel like I have been paid back. All of my songs come from my own life and emotion. I have also written this children’s book I am enclosing for you.

Anyway my idols are Tony Bennet and Betty White. I have a lot of life in me. I don’t do drugs or drink. For some reason I am almost 60 I have no aches and pains. I would love to dance like Taylor Swift. I think I could. I’m not the best singer but I was trying to have one of my songs done by a demo company and had to sing my idea into a mic. I had never done this before so I thought it probably would have turned out better if I had practiced so I brought the equipment I needed from Guitar Center.
This has been a fun journey but now I am ready for the next step which brings me to Nashville. I composed piano music to two of my songs. I am finally ready to share my story about the song that arrived in the middle of the night! My kids are all grown and no longer mad at me for loaning an almost total stranger 5000 dollars of my inheritance from my father. I’m not a very wealthy person. Actually I just recently told them so if I could turn that 5000 into more they might actually believe in their Mom.
I have two websites and you can also get to it by typing my name my other website is Let me know I would work very hard to make everyone rich smile smile.

Jodi Emmerling



I am very excited to be in my first song writing contest. It is a little bit scary I have to admit sharing my songs with more people than my AWESOME HUSBAND ! He is a crazy guy that supports me. We met 13 years ago December 27th, 2003. I was a busy mom raising kids recently divorced and I did not have time to date. I had just read two books. One was called " Why Men Love Bitches" and the other one was called " When God Winks ". I liked both books but the second one really spoke to me. It said God is always working in our lives but sometimes we don't listen. We are constantly being guided. So it said sometimes God will clunk you on the head with a message that is so LOUD you can't possibly miss it. Well that is what he did to me. I had been asking for a nice man to show up at my door because I did not have time to date. I was hoping this person did not drink alcohol. A pretty strong request in this alcohol is so awesome world. Then I met my Philip at a coffee shop when I was out listening to music. His ex wife knew my sister and she tried to move the chairs around so that we would be sitting next to each other. I was a little annoyed about this as I was tired because I had just finished working at a Men's hair salon that pampers men. I am hair stylist by trade. I did notice that night that he only had one beer. I was use to people that just keep the beers and whatever else to drink coming. When we said good night he walked me to my car. He was so nice. " He said if I am ever at the mountain again to let him know" . Well the next day at my sisters house on the mountain I asked her about him. I wanted her to call her friend and find out more about Philip. She wasn't interested in doing this. I thought darn it. That was when the phone rang and it was Philip. We made a date to have lunch at Stanfords in Lake Oswego. He was such an interesting man. He brought his work portfolio to lunch. He was a decorative artist and had worked all around the world. I knew nothing about paint. I had never ever painted. Not even one wall in my house. Pretty funny ! As we talked he had remembered that I said I would be forty five in a couple months. He said when is your birthday ? I said oh it's February 27th. He did something kind of strange. He got his wallet out. We were still eating. He was looking for something. He slid his drivers license across to me. Hmmmm a little weird. I looked at it. Philip and I have the exact same birthday. He was born on February 27th, 1951. I was born on February 27th, 1959. Dang I was being bonked on the head and I knew it. God was guiding me. He was telling me I did not have to date. He had the perfect man and he did practically showed up on my door. He was soon a big inspiration for my lyrics. I have written several songs about Philip. "My Sweet Sweet Artist Man" was written six days after I met him, " Lost and Found for Love " and " How Did You Know What I Need. which is very funny because he was actually on and he showed it to me. It said he like public displays of affection. I used this in my song. I then found out much later that it was a multiple choice question on the form. Isn't that funny ! I thought it was his idea. Of course being a word person I loved it and I still do ! I am posting these three songs and I hope you like them.

My husband and I went to see Hillary at the Hilton downtown Portland in 2006. She gave an amazing talk. She was so good. She signed the tiniest pieces of paper for anyone that wanted her autograph. I could never do this. She was so patient !! We really do have to be thankful for the people that ever want to lead our country. There is so much disrespect ! Anyway I had come up with this product I was trying to promote. Little spray mist bottle with poems on the back. One was Hillary 2008 , one was Hillary and Bill and the last one was Obama 2016. Ha, that is funny how things worked out, isn't it. Now it's Hillary 2016. At the time I had also written " Madam President" I have had it copyrighted and registered. So I got it out and made some tiny changes. I really like it and I hope you do, too. Every one who has a girl in their life whether it's a Daughter, Mom, Sister, Aunt, Grandma should be so excited to have our first Women President. Shouldn't we ? I think so !!!! Please buy my song as it is a fundraiser to help get Hillary elected and get me noticed of course. smile smile

I wrote this on January 7th, 2016 my newest song. It came in twenty minutes.... all at once ! Boy that surprised me. I told Philip that I wanted to write about the high cost of college. By asking people to buy my songs I feel that is what I am doing. We have three kids, that could be well over 200,000.00 in student loan debt. This is CRAZY !!! for a Bachelors degree. This is not include a master degree. My stepson Casey was valedictorian of his high school made it into a private college. He did amazing. No one should have to start life with this kind of stress. Please buy my song so I can help Michelle, Casey and Maya pay off their student loans. They are AWESOME people !! My youngest son Ryan is in his freshman year. He is trying to do it on a track scholarship in community college at the moment. Every dollar helps .....THANK YOU ! 

Well I have had a harder time wanting to share this true story because I have been feeling guilty. We had two homes. That seems a bit greedy. We got caught up in the housing catastrophe. We had walked passed our dream home twelve times while walking our dog on the golf course. One day we walked by and we saw a for sale sign. Two months later we were living there. We were shocked when we didn't have to sell our current home. We had a bright idea to make it a vacation home. Both coming out of divorce with no retirement it seemed like a good idea and this house was almost paid off. Bad idea.... because when things crashed nothing was selling. We were one month away from the county auctioning block twice because we had one of those get a home equity line of credit it is the smart thing to do. Remember all those adds. I prayed for a buyer and the house closed literally a few days before it would be auctioned. Let me tell you one house is enough and if that doesn't work out I would take some sort of camper. Anyway I wrote Main Street America for all of us because we do work hard and we shouldn't feel guilty. We are just trying to do our BEST. It was the Wall Street Greed that brought our country to it's knees. 

Real life seems to stir emotion especially in me. We like everyone else can't keep up with the expensive insurance which doesn't begin to cover what it use to. Being self employed is a mixed blessing. We had almost let our insurance go because we had the opportunity to sign up for what I call Obama Cares! We hadn't paid our premium.... it was late. Philip started having chest pains and he has had heart problems. It was very scary we raced around and found the money from someone who is extremely nice and generous and understanding. Drove the payment to the insurers office and then raced to St. Vincents hospital. It turned out o.k but that was very scary. If we have to spend so much money on health care we can't spend money on other things and that in my opinion hurts the economy. Why did The Rose Garden change it's name to Moda....I hate that...I love words and I loved The Rose Garden. What do you think it cost the HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY to buy that ad. Somebody has a little too much money don't you think! It's time for a middle class REVOLUTION !!!

I am addicted to Biographies. Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Carol King, Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, Adele, Shania Twain, Bruce Springsteen, Clive Davis, and believe it or not many more. I have learned many wonderful tips from these books. One of the tips was to start my own music publishing company. So I did. I am the proud owner of Muse Juice Magic Music Publishing. So I registered my company with ASCAP, to make sure the name was available. Designed my own business cards and letter head on Photoshop, I had my first song produced by Trystan Mathews at Demo my Song in Portland, Oregon. The minute I stepped into his studio on Morrison street it felt magical. He had me step up to the mike, put the head phones on and sing my version of One Moment in Time. This was so much fun. You see I had never recorded my voice before. I started thinking wow this would have turned out much better if I had practiced with my own recording equipment. That started my journey on researching how to record and taking classes at Guitar Center. I am very happy with what Trystan did with my song. I paid to have a singer named Erin sing my song. Musically he needed to cut out some of the lyrics. Because I am such a beginner I get that, but I would like to record it again myself and try to put the original lyrics back. This song was inspired about ten years ago after I heard Billy Jean King talk about her " One Moment in Time ". Anyway I put together a presentation from my music publishing company and sent it all the way to London to Susan Boyles manager. I thought the lyrics and sound of my song was perfect for her. It took about a month but I heard back from Sony Music London. I was checking my email at about 5:00 a.m. in bed squinting my eyes because I didn't have my glasses. Holy crap does that say Sony Music. I got out of bed raced to my much larger computer to read it. Rema Chuhan of Sony Music London said she was forwarded my email by Susan's manager and she said send me your song. I raced back woke up my sleepy husband and made him give me a high five. I did send Rema the song. I haven't heard back but Susan did do a Christmas album right after that so that gives me hope that she still might record it. Which I would be extremely honored to have happen. 

I am so excited to share my new website at hostbaby. I feel like this is the perfect fit for me. I am learning and very excited about producing more C.D.s at CDbaby. I woke up ten years ago with song lyrics dancing inside my head. Actually it was a complete song. It was four in the morning. For some reason I got myself out of bed and wrote the whole thing down. I will be sure to tell everyone when I produce that song. Anyway being a busy mom I feel like I have more time to devote to my little gift that arrived in the middle of the night. You see my youngest son is a Junior in high school. I have loved being a mom. In fact I did not want a career. I was a hairstylist three days a week because the hours were flexible. I did not have to miss one single game, dance competition or play. I feel blessed! With my oldest son soon to turn 30 I have realized they don't need mom like they use to. So now is the time for me to explore my songwriting and singing. I have a lot to learn but I can't wait. So stay tuned:)

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